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Bagged jap import 2wd mk3 hilux!

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So i'm trying to remember things as they happened to try keep an update of how its gone to where it is now ( partly in pieces)

So I had found a chrome grill on ebay with black inserts in middle, ideal i thought, it was 32quid posted! went to buy it and last one had sold... the seller didnt know when they were gonna get anymore in stock :glare: so I bought a black grill for £20 posted instead on ebay! which I didnt like, so back to searching and I found this! in germany for £62 posted so I had to buy it straight away! excuse the mess...


then guess what happened?!??!


The original seller who had them for £32 in the UK, got them back in stock, was. not. happy!


Ebay in thailand seems to come up with some new shiny things, thats where I got my new corner lights from, and also some wing mirror door covers for the inside of the truck


This is one of the next things which I want to sort because it annoys me and is messy.... thermostat doesnt work on the dash, so guess it doesnt work on the truck and thats why I've got the water temperature gauge rolling around in the glovebox! Grrrr! so need to get a new pipe for there and have a look at the thermostat and give it a good service as well as dont think it has had one for a while!




1 minute ago, Sparks said:

Ooh nice wheels :cool: what's the condition of the interior and under the hood like ?

Yeah, i thought they were pretty cool for the hilux!

The interior of it is real clean, think the truck has done 135k miles? doesnt really look like the back has been used much! under the hood is very cluttered! lots of covers and stuff, and now lots of red dust as we started sanding down my unit mates porsche 944 and that dust gets everywhereeee!

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