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  • Recent Status Updates

    • Freeno69

      Hi all just replaced all oils on my Toyota hilux tiger , diffs , gearbox , transfer box, engine oil , with Millers oil cannot believe the difference it's made to the  automatic box so smooth and engine really quite , quite expensive to do but do not after change engine oil for 30,000 mile so cheep in long run , for all oils and filters it cost £170 plus my time half a day labour 😄👍
      · 3 replies
    • Mike Evans  »  Toad

      Hi Toad,
      Do you have a set of 33 12.50 15's up for grabs?
      · 2 replies
    • Sparks

      Anyone interested in the indoor 4X4 show at Donnington, well it's this sunday and we are going and i know a couple of others that are, so just a reminder to anyone interested 
      · 10 replies
    • Sparks

      OK own up who has a dark coloured Hilux with the reg number L200 LEE seen driving north  
      · 5 replies
    • TONY44

      1999 Land Cruiser 4.2TD Auto Amazon....Is 20 to 25 MPG realistic for everyday use or am I well off the mark ?
      · 7 replies
    • damian666

      Trying to get the steering rack out of the truck. What an absolutely fucking shit mission.
      · 8 replies
    • scottie

      Six weeks dry now and no looking back. How the world looks now is a funny place. I`m not liking it through non clouded eyes. But hey ho. I will just have to live with it. From a bottle a day to nothing was easy as eating a meat pie.
      · 11 replies
    • damian666

      So whilst driving around in MK6 I hear a sloshing sound. After making sure I didn't need the loo I discovered my drivers door full of water with the little drainers blocked. A surprising amount of water came out!
      · 5 replies
    • Sparks

      Got a face to face chat with Mr Steve today,nice MK4 beater he has there too 
      · 0 replies
    • Toad

      Impromptu laning meet with my main man Damian today. Thoroughly enjoyable day and discovered there's more green lanes round near me than I knew about.
      · 2 replies
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  • Posts

    • all my experiance says anything over 14,5 volts is bad, i have never seen the flattest of batterys make an alternator go more than 14,5 volts,  i would say if its a alternator is faulty
    • This is actually about an alternator/regulator for my Fiat Sedici, not specifically a Hilux question, sorry about that, but it is of general technical interest regarding alternators. I bought a replacement alternator but I am sending it back as I measured and have seen it running over 16.5V. The manual says the regulator should keep it to a max of about 14.5V. I put a brand new and fully charged battery in at the same time the alternator was changed, so I don't think the battery can be blamed. Also at the time I tested it, was running as little electrical load as possible, no lights, fan off, radio off, etc. The seller has accepted a return on the alternator, but also sent me this advice: "if you fitted this alternator to a vehicle with a flat or faulty battery it will perform eratically . most alternators are engineered to charge up to 18volts for short periods of time to replenish low battery voltage or cope with high electrical loads" I am not sure I believe this, is it true? I only really have my trusty Mk3 for comparison, and that has a simple voltage regulator based around a zener diode type setup and that is designed to cap the voltage at 14.5V, nothing more fancy. Do more modern designs really have this kind of 18V boost feature? I think the alternator is shooting up over 16V, and this is causing the ECUs to protect themselves and reset - dashboard lights all go off and the power steering stops working. Its an intermittent fault, at first I thought a loose wire. Was a cheapo chinese job of fleabay, I should have known better...  
    • Did 80 miles over the Sat/Sun in our town driving around stop start, loading and offloading bit and pieces to the new house. 28 MPG. Did a long run out on the previous Sunday with a return on the Friday, total 470 miles, mostly motorway @ 60/70mph, managed 32 MPG. Rolling Cooper S/T Maxx, 225/75/16, so not exactly speed wheels. I'm happy  Only use BP or Shell diesel now. 
    • Awesome, thank-you. A rep point your way. This is exactly the information that I needed (and you seemed to know what my follow up questions were going to be too!) Brill, thank-you too. Only allowed to give 1 rep point a day at the moment (until payday when I can become a site supporter I figure).
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