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  • Recent Status Updates

    • kristoff

      will be breaking1995 3l auto surf soon!
      · 2 replies
    • MarkWoodman

      Thanks for the recent rep points chaps. Quick question though. Roughly, what is a well kitted out camper back for a pickup worth. I've wanted one for a long time and one has just popped up for sale here
      · 0 replies
    • TONY44

      Any doctors out there?
      Lifted a monkey bucket of soil this afternoon and felt something 'move' in the bottom left hand side of my back. Painful for a bit, but wore off.
      Drove for about 6 miles tonight for fags, milk etc, started to get a bit painfull, drove back home and couldn't get out the car because the back of my right thigh had locked, it felt like cramp. Hurt like hell, brought tears to my eyes to be honest.  
      Mrs Tony helped me in bless her, even though she is half my size.
      On the sofa now having a huge brandy, thinking how the hell am I going to get my work done tomorrow. Leg is now much better, but I wish I could say the same for my back.
      · 7 replies
    • Sparks

      Heads up channel 4 at 19.30 Guy Martin new series 
      · 1 reply
    • scottie

      Ponders on sobriety! Or is the biocentrism theory that`s muddled my mind? Or turned my whole out look upside down? Think I will pour a drink and continue reading.
      · 0 replies
    • basher

      Went and looked at a mk4 King cab 3l yesterday should have bought it but I couldn't get my brother on the phone to check something and the auction ended
      · 0 replies
    • Hopkin

      Price of diesel here just dropped to 75p, bugger filled up Sunday at 80p.
      · 0 replies
    • theboocrew  »  Travis

      Hello i want to buy your springs and shocks if they are still for sale please pm me or phone dave on 07923910019 cheers
      · 1 reply
    • the duke  »  Wolfracer

      hi wolfracer
      any chance you still have the spacers and shackels for sale
      i am looking to lift my 07 hilux a littel will these do without any mods or problem
      · 0 replies
    • TONY44

      MK3 2.4d alternator. Place that tried to recondition mine can't, and want £125 + VAT for a new one, is that a good price?
      · 9 replies
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    • Well i've always been contemplating whether i should start a forum post regarding the mods I plan/am doing on the pickup and finally i decided to stop being lazy and actually do something about it. I've already done a couple of mods on my MK5 pickup which unfortunately I haven't documented but i have a couple of pictures lying around which I might post here eventually. I would like to apologise beforehand for the numerous pictures you will find in this post  I might have overdone it  Currently I am working on fixing an auto-dimming rearview camera. Currently most of my mods have been interior or electronics related however I plan to also do some more mechanical related stuff eventually   I'm fitting this new rearview camera for 2 reasons mainly:
      1) It has 2 built in temperature sensors that i plan to use for interior (cabin) and outside temperature. The latter is mostly so that when I eventually fit the intercooler i can monitor how much cooling is actually happening etc... i wont probably not do anything but i'll see
      2) It's cool and i want it After a couple of hours of searching for the auto-dimming mirror, i realised I wasn't going to find one that fits my pickup so I decided to go for the 'cheapest' chinese one that has 2 temperature sensors (most of the ones i found had only 1). I then proceeded to buy another aftermarket mirror that fits in my pickup so i can somehow hack them together. The plan was to use the new mirror's mount but use the base of the aftermarket hilux mirror. It should be clearer what i mean further ahead. After some eager waiting they arrived Mirror/IMG_2016-09-24_13-54-12_zpsncipmtql.jpg The one on the right is the autodimming mirror with all the bells and whistles. It also contains an electronic compass. The left one also comes with a dome light which i bought on purpose as i always fancied having a dome light near the mirror as well. I plan to make this dimming as well but more on that in the future. Anyways as mentioned before the seller did not have any mounts that match my pickup so I got the closest one that i figured i can easily mod and that's basically what this post is about. I spent a whole afternoon grinding and cutting the mounts. This is the hilux mirror. It is an exact copy of the one without the dome light but just has the connections. Being aftermarket, i found some problems with the switch getting stuck at times but now i think i fixed it... Mirror/IMG_2016-09-24_13-55-09_zpspnzxl1kf.jpg Below is a picture of the mount itself and below how it mounts with the new mirror Mirror/IMG_2016-09-24_13-55-58_zpshbhb6mzd.jpg Mirror/IMG_2016-09-24_13-56-19_zpsdj27etwr.jpg So I started by measuring the thickness of the original hilux mount: Mirror/IMG_2016-09-24_14-26-24_zps4jfen1o7.jpg And proceeded to cut the new mirror mount. I was going to do so using my dremel but it was taking forever even though it is just aluminium so i proceeded to using the grinder... hence the crappy cuts... Mirror/IMG_2016-09-24_15-03-38_zpsrtvb0l7r.jpg Mirror/IMG_2016-09-24_15-03-43_zpsqymbf3i5.jpg Mirror/IMG_2016-09-24_15-03-34_zpszyjmrzml.jpg At this point I realised it would be a good idea to somehow use the form of the hilux mirror and mash it into the new mount. So i marked where i wanted to cut: Mirror/IMG_2016-09-24_15-03-28_zpsmcadvxnk.jpg
      and went away and chopped it off... Mirror/IMG_2016-09-24_15-13-52_zpspkg55ixr.jpg Mirror/IMG_2016-09-24_15-13-56_zps5kktqrhv.jpg
      Yes it was still hot from cutting when i took the photo... hence the pliers I realised that the back part of the new mount is basically useless and was going to produce more work to get the other piece to fit it so off it went: Mirror/IMG_2016-09-24_17-45-59_zps4btapyc2.jpg Mirror/IMG_2016-09-24_17-46-03_zpsoirl5lny.jpg At this point i still was not sure how i was going to get everything stuck together. My original plan was to weld them but being aluminium I couldn't as I do not have the gas/wire for it. I just decided to let future me think about it at that time. After some more grinding and cutting and more grinding and fitting and burning of fingers i ended up with this: Mirror/IMG_2016-09-24_17-46-12_zpssbbxy0iw.jpg And it fits perfectly...ish... shhh i'll cover it up with filler Mirror/IMG_2016-09-24_17-47-12_zpsga37jvn7.jpg Mirror/IMG_2016-09-24_17-47-09_zpszwyyg2uf.jpg I finally decided to use epoxy glue i believe it is. I used the one seen in the pictures above. It's a 2 part 1:1 ratio mix and it works really well if applied under pressure however sometimes it has a tendency to be a bit runny (i guess all of them are) so i had the bright idea of taping up the joint so as not to allow the excess glue to just run off: Mirror/IMG_2016-09-24_18-03-17_zpsimdfoppn.jpg Mirror/IMG_2016-09-24_18-03-21_zpsogjsfvqe.jpg
      neatly packaged
      I added a wood piece on top and drove a screw in the screwhole mount to act as a vice. Unfortunately I think i might have ruined the threads of the mount because i needed to cut the screw (i didnt have a proper nut to arrange the threads after) but it seems to work for now... hopefully i will not have to go back and re-thread it... After some 3 hours i removed it and voila: Mirror/IMG_2016-09-24_19-20-05_zpsr4ommlyh.jpg Mirror/IMG_2016-09-24_19-19-51_zpsdlfmg0tt.jpg Mirror/IMG_2016-09-24_19-19-45_zpsovppubq9.jpg To be honest really happy with how it came so far. The tape seems to have done a really good job for the form so hopefully I will not have a lot of sanding and filling to do
      That is all i have so far regarding the build. Would love to hear your feedback
    • I think you would be hard pushed to tell the difference TBH. I was always supremely impressed by the mechanical traction available in my invincible, better than any other 4x4 I have driven (although at that stage I had never driven a fully locked 4x4). I think a mechanical diff lock is ultimately better off road, but it's marginal and offset by the fact that the VSC also operates on the front wheels whereas just having a rear difflock with no VSC doesn't. Also VSC offers considerable on road benefits in terms of grip and safety. I would imagine fitting the difflock with VSC etc was technically fairly challenging, hence why I think Toyota are the only ones to have done it to date but it does give a big advantage in having a rear difflock, and also some degree of additional traction available to the front axle without the problems of having a front difflock (it's effect on steering)
    • No worries, hope it works out.
    • Thanks v8, that helps a lot. It does look like the same part. Back to eBay...
    • The mk3 ans mk5 dash o have had out are  501 bulb. There the ones without w metal cap  push fit. I found em on there web site for 3 quid for 2 bulbs. But cant make the link to work but the item number is 181461
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